security on your campus

Improving security processes is one of the major concerns of many universities and colleges. This is because the safety of pupils within a school is paramount and should remain high on the agenda.

Benefits of Biometric Security

A growing number of businesses are adopting biometric technology in the workplace.

Whether it is to accurately monitor the attendance records of employees, or to ensure that only authorised staff members get access to the building, biometric security can add that extra layer of security and protection.

But what are the other benefits of biometric security systems? We discuss these below.

Increases productivity

Biometric security automates time and attendance records and thus saves time for employees, and decreases overheads. 

Employee Care via Time & Attendance

Time is money. This is a famous proverb which must have been seen or heard by everyone. But, for any organization time is an important component which can be used to measure employee productivity as well as employee satisfaction. With dedicated human resources management system coming in place, time & attendance feature is a tool which needs to be used decisively.