Support FAQ

Ques: How to migrate the database from etimetracklite software to smart office software?

Ans: Utilities--- >Migration from etimetracklite--- >Select Database Type--- >Select Path--- >Import

Ques: The Options related to shifts, shift roster, employee shift, department shifts are disabled when?

Ans: master-master settings-uncheck is fixed shift option

Ques: What happens when option in Employees ? €˜Is Receive Notification €˜ is check and Un check €˜ Desktop application ?

Ans: if option is check respective user will resive notification if not NO

Ques: Migration from etimetracklite ? to smart office what all data can be imported ?

Ans: Employee , Device logs , Outdoor entries , employee Leave entries

Ques: How to set auto backup path ? for ? MS access database?

Ans: master--- >master settings--- >select autobackup-browse the path

Ques: Can we assign a break duration for a individual employee?

Ans: No

Ques: Can we use single SQL database in both desktop & web application simultaneously?

Ans: No

Ques: OD Is applied for whole week including WO, what will be the status in report?

Ans: WOP (OD)

Ques: There is a separate Oracle DB Server & application server, while connecting application server to oracle server, there is an error ' OraOLEDB.Oracle provider is not registered on the local machine'!

Ans: Register OraOLEDB11.dll or install OTDC oracle client exe

Ques: How to generate license key for Smart Office?

Ans: Go to --> License --> fill the details(all fields are mandatory), and click on Send mail. Copy the license key which has sent to your mail, then paste it in your application. (you can generate free license key upto 500 users)

Ques: Which databases Smart Office will Support?

Ans: MS Access, MS SQL server (2008 & above), Oracle (10g & 11g)

Ques: Which OS will support for Smart office?

Ans: Windows 7 & above, windows server 2003 & above

Ques: how to download the smartoffice suite?

Ans: Go to website----download----select the software which you require(desktop or web based)

Ques: How to attach SQL database?

Ans: Login to SQL management studio -->Right click on Database--> attach--> add --> browse empty database--> OK. Then create login user in Security option, give all permissions to the database & to the user.Then in application, go to Database settings -->select SQL server, give server name, login user & password, click on test connection & then OK.

Ques: How to Migrate from eTime Track Lite to Smart Office?

Ans: Go to Utilities --> Migration from eTimeTrackLite --> select the database type --> checkmark the Employee, device logs etc., --> Test Connection --> Import.

Ques: Can we do payroll Management in Smart Office?

Ans: Yes but it will be paid service

Ques: Unhandled exception error occuring while adding the device to the software

Ans: Register the dll files in software. Download the DLL files from website, select 32 bit dll's (for 64 bit OS, select 64 bit dll's), copy all files and paste these files in smart office application path. In run command type 'regsvr32 'and then drag & drop the zkemkeeper.dll file into run command then click on OK.(regsvr32 'C:\Program Files\smartofficesuite\Smart Office Suite\zkemkeeper.dll'). In UAC settings, the pointer should be at never notify. And paste dll files in following path,( Local disk(c:)\Windo

Ques: While logging to the software for first time, it is showing error

Ans: it is because of permissions issue.give permissions to the smartofficesuite folder.(Default path: local disk(c:)/Program files/smartofficesuite/ ), and check the database settings, whether database is attached or not.

Ques: when we are trying to get login it showing access denied

Ans: Give the full permissions to the database and login again it will work

Ques: While logging to the SQL, it is showing error

Ans: Give full permissions to the attached database & to login user.

Ques: How to set database path?

Ans: Open the application--> database settings--> browse& select the database path

Ques: When importing some employees to software,by default its showing some fingerprints

Ans: In backend database, delete data in fingerprint table.

Ques: How to reset software forgotten password?

Ans: We have to re set the password code in Backend database.

Ques: How to Configure Server and Client

Ans: SQL or Oracle Database has to be used and same credentials has to be used

Ques: How to Configure Server and Client

Ans: SQL or Oracle Database has to be used and same credentials has to be used

Ques: unhanded exception in occured

Ans: Give the Everyone rights to smartofficesuite folder

Ques: operation must be use an uneatable query ?

Ans: Give everyone's right to smartoffice folder

Ques: .net framework issue while installing the application.

Ans: Download the Microsoft .net v 4.0 from website , install it Then run the exe file as administrator..

Ques: Does smartoffice supports in Windows 10?

Ans: Yes

Ques: when we migrate the etimetracklite 7.5 to smart office 7.0 the data is coming but the when we generate the report every thing is getting absent only

Ans: Update new version of software

Ques: unexception handled occure while login (sql DB)

Ans: check sql authentication

Ques: demo on smart office desktop software

Ans: Installed the software and explain all option from software

Ques: Database is corrupted

Ans: Send blank database

Ques: employees showing absent in reports due to database issue

Ans: Attach blank database and download logs from beginning

Ques: Getting error while installing smart office desktop software

Ans: Restart the System and run the setup again. If still getting same error then download new setup sent by mail

Ques: Why do we get Microsoft oldb error while login to software?

Ans: Sent 64 bit solution by mail.

Ques: what is Use for SDk with devices?

Ans: you can use SDk for developing own application . we are proving software development kit for connecting smartofficesuite device ,after that you can use parameter related to device and develop own software .

Ques: Enquiry regarding Sensor connectivity with Application ?

Ans: User Desktop Application with sensor 7500 > installed 7500 driver > connect the sensor >enroll Fp > Upload to the device.

Ques: what is the reason of hiding some options of software ?

Ans: Change the Screen Resolution of pc

Ques: Access denied error while configuring database with other PC

Ans: Open SQL confg. mgr--sql server n/w confg--enable all protocols--right click on TCP/IP--properties--ip add--define port as 1433 and then again do database settings properly and check

Ques: Request for Customise Report

Ans: Sent mail for the same to developer team

Ques: Link To download Smart office desktop


Ques: Is this software support mac os

Ans: no

Ques: How many users & device can be added in free license?

Ans: 500- USERS & 10- Devices/ Now its unlimited

Ques: Can we connect the same database in three diffrent pc?

Ans: Yes,using SQL database

Ques: 'could not find any recognisable digit' error while login

Ans: upgrade the software,check db settings

Ques: Why we get 'Execute scaler' error while login

Ans: Give everyone rights to the folder and do database setting properly

Ques: error as unhandled expection occured 'value of the character is too big in int 16'.

Ans: Update new version of software

Ques: Which files to download in Ms sql?

Ans: sql express 2008 or above,Ms sql server management 2008 or above.

Ques: Error while login to smart office desktop software

Ans: Check the database setting

Ques: An error 'Operation must use an updateable Query' while logging into the software.

Ans: Compact & repair the database, give full permissions to the smartofficesuite folder.

Ques: migration from etimetracklite

Ans: utilities---migration from etimetracklite---select database---give the path---test connection---import employees,device logs...

Ques: Software query: want to use 14 devices in same premises

Ans: Yes it is possible.

Ques: can not modify design of table

Ans: give (everyone rights) full control to smartofficesuite folder-----database setting

Ques: Why do we get incorrect in and out report while generating rather we get correct report while filter?

Ans: replace software with new exe

Ques: class not register

Ans: Download the SDK file from the site and paste in the Windows/syswow64 folder.copy that path and open CMD(run as administrator) type cd paste the path and press enter type command regsvr32 zkemkeeper.dll and enter.

Ques: While attaching the SQL database, an error code 661 has occurred.

Ans: Add the new database, run the SQL script to new database.Give full permissions & then attach to application.l



Ques: Full form of P,A,L,H,HP,WO,WOP ?


Ques: How to assign Outdoor entry? but not able to see employee,why?

Ans: Master-> employee Outdoor entry-> give date n time-> select employee-> click on assign. If you are not able to see employee make sure you have not filter any particular employee.

Ques: Will smart office software desktop work on win-7 Home basic ?

Ans: Yes , it will support

Ques: Year is not changing in the Leave types.

Ans: Replaced the latest application files to client PC.

Ques: Need license key

Ans: Given from site

Ques: Can we block particular user in SO desktop?

Ans: NO. This option is available in SO online application and it will work only if you are using X990 device

Ques: Invalid login ID and password?

Ans: open the database and put the encrypted format of smartofficesuite and save it.

Ques: 'Data Table must be set prior to using Data view' error while generating the reports.

Ans: Replaced the files of smart office application.

Ques: logs are in the data base but not showing in the frontend

Ans: add a row "Log Record Location" on device log table and save it

Ques: 'Could not find specified file' error while logging into software.

Ans: Replaced the files of latest version, give full permissions to the application. login as administrator

Ques: login time error - empty file name not leagal, Parameter name: SourceFileName

Ans: install ms access - compact and repair the database

Ques: How to connect oracle database with software ?

Ans: Run Oracle script in oracle > installed oracle client >go to database setting > service name & port no .

Ques: Invalid License key

Ans: check the software (desktop or web) then generate the license key

Ques: After updating license key,software asking update license key again and again

Ans: Give full permission to smartofficesuite folder and use sql database

Ques: How to attach backup database ?

Ans: To attach backup database give path of your backup database before login in database settings

Ques: while generating report getting error as

Ans: reinstall latest software and check

Ques: cant see.mdb file while doing database setting

Ans: Sent New updated software link through mail. install and do database setting

Ques: Not showing device logs in software after downloading

Ans: open database-option--manage--compact and repair--download data again and check

Ques: Client want to use smartoffice software on 3 different pc from one single sql database and they tried to install smartoffice in 3 pcs but it is always asking license key whenever we update anyone pc license key and activation code for all pc is different they want solutions for the same.

Ans: They can't use smart office desktop software they have to use smart office web software for the same.

Ques: Getting Hresult error when clicked on utilities

Ans: Kindly follow the steps Goto C drive---->Program files--->smartofficesuite--->Smart office folder---> copy path from address bar---->open CMD by right click run as administrator --> type cd paste the path--> press enter--->type command regsvr32 zkemkeeper.dll--> then press enter.

Ques: How to add weekly off and how to assign leaves?

Ans: Master--> Category--> select weekly off--> select respective day-->save. For leaves--> master--> Employee leave entry--> assign employee leave entry--> select date, employee--> click on save.

Ques: Why we are getting 1/2 day present status in report?

Ans: First check in category whether you have did any setting related Late mark or not? if yes, them remove it. You will get Present status in report.

Ques: Why are we not getting OT in reports if we assign flexible shift?

Ans: First check shift setting,OT formula "Total duration -Shift hours only for flexi, category setting and check min OT, if you put some value remove it and check report.

Ques: how to mark half day if work duration is less than defined hours

Ans: master-> category-> calculate half day if work duration is less than

Ques: In 24 hrs shift ,is it possible to get OT after 8 hrs

Ans: no not possible

Ques: Saturday is working day , but in reports it is showing as WOP

Ans: masters - categories - edit and un check weekly off 2

Ques: In report ,it was showing half day present in spite of working more than 7 hours?

Ans: Go to masters-Category-Edit-uncheck Is mark continuous late,mark half day absent when late for 3 days.

Ques: reports generating as half day present though workduration is more.

Ans: just uncheck the early coming and late going options and mark half day options in categories.

Ques: In daily attendance report, not showing weekly off?

Ans: Goto Category---> put Check mark on Consider weekly off and holiday in OT and also mention weekly off

Ques: How to assign 4 weekly off's in a week?

Ans: Assign 2 weekly off's in Category & remaining you can assign in Employee shifts or in Shift roster

Ques: How to apply for Comp off in Smart Office?

Ans: First they have to present on weekly off. Go to Master --> Employee comp off Accrual-->select the date on which they have attended & assign comp off. Then go to Employee Comp off Entries -->enter the date on which day they are going to take comp off.

Ques: while we are generating the report ? in time is not coming properly ? but in device logs showing all punches from morning

Ans: Go to Masters--> Category-->checkmark consider Early coming punch. In Shifts checkmark punch begin before and give the time, recalculate & then generate reports.

Ques: In category 'Late by/early by (Mins)', Option 'LateComing\EarlyGoing Recurring basis' consists of?

Ans: Daily, Monthly

Ques: What is the concept of 'Deduct break hours'?

Ans: Deduct break hours from work duration

Ques: Explain the concept of 'Consider weekely off present & Holiday present in OT'?

Ans: If an employee is working on weekely off & holiday, it will consider as OT

Ques: Explain the terms 'Minimum OT' & 'Maximum OT'?

Ans: minimum OT- Minimum allowed timing set for the OT, Maximum OT - Maximum Allowed time set for the OT

Ques: Why the options 'Consider early coming' & 'consider late going punch' is used?

Ans: for OT calculation and for early coming and late going punch

Ques: explain Deduct break hours from work duration?

Ans: break hours will be deducted from ithe work duration

Ques: How does grace time works in software?

Ans: It is used to neglect late coming\early going minutes if it is less than specified minutes

Ques: how total duration €“ shift hours works in OT formula?

Ans: it will calculate ot by subtracting shift hours from total work duration.

Ques: Name the types of OT Formulas?

Ans: OT Not Applicable , out punch - shift end time, total duration - shift hour,early coming + late going , Total duration - shift duration (flexi shift only )

Ques: Explain the concept of 'out punch €“ shift end time' in OT formula?

Ans: If out punch is greater than shift end time, It will subtract the 'staff actual Last out punch' with the 'shift end time'

Ques: Explain the concept of 'for single punch mark out punch as = in punch + 1 min'?

Ans: It considers Last In punch declares Out punch value by adding 1min to it.

Ques: Difference between 'Comp off accrual' & 'Comp Off Entries'?

Ans: To credit the leave we use comp off accrual and to apply leave which is credited we use comp off entries.

Ques: What is meant by 'punch begin before' in shifts in the software?

Ans: to set maximum allowed time before shift begin time.

Ques: What is meant by 'punch end after' in shift in the software?

Ans: To set maximum allowed time after shift end time

Ques: How total 'duration €“ shift duration' works in ot formulae?

Ans: it will calculate ot by subtracting shift duration from total work duration

Ques: How does the option ['for single punch mark out punch as' = in punch + 1 min] works ?

Ans: If the OUT punch is missed by the user then it considers the IN punch itself by adding 1 minute value to it

Ques: How does the option ['for single punch mark outpunch as' - ? shift end time] works ?

Ans: it will assign outpunch as shift end time.

Ques: How does the option ['for single punch mark' - no system entry(se)+present] ? works ?

Ans: If there is only IN punch of the user without any OUT punch then the status will be present without any system entry

Ques: How does the option ['for single punch mark' - no system entry(se)+absent ] works ?

Ans: If there is only IN punch of the user without any OUT punch then the status will be absent without any system entry

Ques: How to create different weekly off in software?

Ans: go to masters -> category -> add -> give any name for that category ->and select weekly off and update

Ques: What is the use of target directry setting in task manager?

Ans: to assign the path for device logs & att logs

Ques: In Task Manager 'Restart at' option indicates for?

Ans: Restarts the Task Manager

Ques: Diffrence between 'Schedule at' and 'Interval' in master settings?

Ans: Assigned Task will start at scheduled time, Task will start in assigned interval

Ques: What all Tasks you can assign in the Task manager?

Ans: Collect & export devcie logs b. Sync employee bio c. Collect & export att logs d. send email for late/early punches e. send email notification to absentees ,FTP export

Ques: Difference between remember Log in & Auto login in SMS Service?

Ans: remember username&password for next time login/automatically login in sms service without click on login button

Ques: Which all combinations cannot be performed through Task manager?

Ans: FTP setting, att logs, device logs, SMS

Ques: What are the types of ' Field Seperators' in task manager?

Ans: Comma, Tab, Space, None

Ques: How to change the employee previllage from user to admin in device through application?

Ans: device mgmt- devices-view users in device, select emp edit & save the previllage

Ques: How to assign Manual Punches to the Employees?

Ans: Utilities --> Device logs --> Assign Employee Manual Entries --> Select the Employee and then assign.

Ques: How to add a device to application?

Ans: Utilities --> Devices --> add

Ques: How to Download Device Logs from ? USB?

Ans: Utilities -->Import Device Logs --> select the USB Device, browse for the Data file, click on Import.

Ques: How to download Employees from Device to Application?

Ans: First enroll all the Emp[oyee names & fingerprints/Cards in Device. Connect device in LAN, Utilities--> Devices--> Download users

Ques: How to upload Employees to Multiple Devices?

Ans: Utilities-->Devices--> upload users-->select multiple devices & Employees, and also select fingerprints/cards--> upload

Ques: While uploading the users it is showing uploaded successfully, but fingerprints are not uploaded.

Ans: Fingerprint version should be same in device and Application

Ques: How to clear Admin privilege from device

Ans: Utilities --> Devices --> select device & right click on that--> Clear admin privilege

Ques: Upload users, Download users and download logs were hidden in software.

Ans: Increase the screen resolution of the p.c or change the monitor.

Ques: FP count was not showing properly in the smart office latest version desktop when 'view users in device' was clicked.

Ans: Register latest 64 bit dll from the site and download the users again then it will show the FP count.

Ques: Reports are not generating properly, it is showing as NS.

Ans: Go to Utilities--> devices-->select the device-->Edit-->Device Type-->Attendance-->Update. Recalculate & then generate the reports.

Ques: While downloading the logs from device, error is occuring

Ans: Register dll files in software, & give full permissions to the application.

Ques: unable to connect device error,device is in different location

Ans: check statice ip is pinging or not and port 4370 must be open

Ques: How to connect device in different location with the desktop software

Ans: forward port no 4370 on your device ip or set static ip in ethernet which is not using any place and connect with the software

Ques: How to assign admin privilage from software

Ans: Utilities -- Devices -- select device -- click on view users in device -- select the user -- right click on user -- select privilege

Ques: Why do we get unable to connect device status while downloding the data?

Ans: First check antivirus and firewall should be disabled. Reset once the device and do setting of local ip.

Ques: in the device display it's showing the downloading process for every 2 min

Ans: check the software they are using the smart office in that they have checked the auto download option un check then it's working properly

Ques: Unable to connect the device.

Ans: Check comm key,Disable antivirus software & firewalls,register device communication dll files

Ques: Unable to connect to device

Ans: ping device ip--check connection--disable antivirus and firwall

Ques: An error Specified procedure could not be found occurred while editing the device.

Ans: Give full permissions to the application & register the latest DLL files.

Ques: Data is downloaded from device but data is not seen in device logs

Ans: Check all the setting and also device date

Ques: Logs has to download automatically from device to software ?

Ans: Utilities - device - check auto download in every and give interval time

Ques: Device is pinging but it is not connecting with the Desktop software, why?

Ans: IP Conflict, com key, exceptions for antivirus & firewall, DLL, DHCP,

Ques: How can we get device serial no from desktop sotware ?

Ans: Devices-select device-edit-click on '...' next to serial number column

Ques: How we can delete multiple employee from multi devices ? ( desktop & online)

Ans: device managemant > delete user to device >select multiple employees&device>delete

Ques: How to download logs from device to Desktop application?

Ans: utilities ->device management-> select the device->start downloads

Ques: How to clear logs in device through desktop software?

Ans: utilities--- >devices--- >select the devices--- >right click--- > clear logs from device

Ques: What is the use of option 'Check Missed device Logs'?

Ans: If the logs are missed in software then this option is used to check if the logs are missing with the help of dat file which we download from the device.

Ques: How to Search User in Device from the desktop software?

Ans: Utilities-> Devices-> select the device & view Users in Devices

Ques: How to ? change the IP address in device ?

Ans: Utilites--->Devices--->select the device --->Right Click---->Change IP address.

Ques: How to enter the device logs manually?

Ans: Utilities--->Device Logs--->Assign Employee Manual Entry

Ques: How to Backup and clear Log Records from DB in software?

Ans: Utilities---> Backup and clear Log Records --->Select From Date - To Date--->Export

Ques: How to Restore Device Logs Records in software?

Ans: Utilities---> Restore Device Logs Records ---> Select Device Logs Path--->Import

Ques: How to import logs from USB to the software?

Ans: utilities --->import device logs

Ques: How to delete users from device through software?

Ans: utilities --->delete users from device

Ques: How to download users from device ? through software?

Ans: utilities--->devices--->download users

Ques: How to download logs from software?

Ans: utilities--->devices--->download Logs

Ques: How to migrate the database from etimetracklite software to smart office suit software?

Ans: utilities--->migration from etimetracklite software

Ques: How to upload users from 1 device to another device in software?

Ans: utilities--->devices--->upload users--->select the device--->select the employees--->upload

Ques: How to clear admin privilege through software?

Ans: utilities--->devices--->select the device--->right click--->clear admin privilege

Ques: How to clear logs in device from software?

Ans: utilities--->devices--->select the devices--->right click---> clear logs from device

Ques: software gets hang when click on Downoad logs

Ans: register .dll files

Ques: In reports all employees in/out punch are not showning

Ans: Utilities -> edit device -> check device type it should be attendance.

Ques: Can we upload user of one location to other using desktop software , if both devices are connected in two different software?

Ans: No, We need to enroll that user in device.

Ques: can the logs be automatically downloaded to the software.

Ans: Yes,it can be.

Ques: How to register user fingerprint in software

Ans: Use Zk 7500 sensor for register user in software.

Ques: How to delete locations of multiple employees?

Ans: GO to masters---employees---select employees--right click----update locations

Ques: Some employees are not showing in reports even if there punches are showing in monitor tab

Ans: export employee sheet---check all the details properly---mention gender to all employees also check all other details properly filled or not--imports updated sheet and check

Ques: While generating reports employee is not seen and also punch records of employees are not seen.

Ans: First Goto Employees edit that particular user and check whether shift type is 'Single shift in a day'. Then goto shifts and check whether punch begin before and punch end after is given also check the category setting i.e OT etc then check whether is shift is assign to employees or group is assign properly. Recalculate attendance and check the reports

Ques: Employee names are not seen in monthly reports and also Employees are not coming in reports

Ans: First check whether employee names are put in software then check shift type option in Employees it should be 'Single shift in a day' not multiple shift in a day

Ques: When monthly reports/ Basic reprts are generated status of some employees is neither shown as present nor absent

Ans: Goto Employees edit and check the date of joining for those employees make changes there and then generate report

Ques: How to edit the employees in software ?

Ans: go to masters -> employees -> select the employee -> edit

Ques: How to assign the company to employees in software?

Ans: go to masters -> employees -> select the employee -> right click -> update company

Ques: How to add the 'employee status' other than working or resigned?

Ans: employees select employee edit and then status there is 3 dots click on it and then add

Ques: How to assign the manager rights to employee?

Ans: Masters->employee and click on assign reporting manager select manager and save

Ques: Can we update employee work status for multiple employees?

Ans: Yes

Ques: Can we enable 'Receive Notification' option for multiple employees at a time?

Ans: No

Ques: How to change the device code from numeric to alpha numeric without reenrolment . What is procedure?

Ans: Through software, in masters- master setting uncheck 'Is employee code & device code is same' employees edit, change the device code, delete emp in device & re-upload it.

Ques: How to enroll finger print through software

Ans: Connect fp sensors to your PC open software goto to employees edit employee in that select Employee bio details ---> select the first block for fp--->select the finger print version ---> select conncet to sensor option---> then click on register ----> place finger print on the sensor three times then save

Ques: 16 digit device code is not coming in the software?

Ans: change the integer type

Ques: How to delete employees from MS access database

Ans: open Ms access database goto to employee the select the employee and delete

Ques: employee photo not uploading

Ans: check the format,name and size

Ques: When we are trying to edit employees, it is showing the error 'IsMarkAndroidWebAttendance'.

Ans: Open the database-->Employees--> right click-->design view--> add the field name as 'IsMarkAndroidWebAttendance' & datatype is Text, save it & Open the application & check.

Ques: Can we use Alpha numeric ID?

Ans: yes we can use

Ques: Where we can add Employee Details in Apllication?

Ans: Masters-->Employees-->add new--> Give the Employee details.

Ques: How to Configure ESS Application ?

Ans: Host to applicatoin same like smart office main applicatoin in IIS with different port no

Ques: How to create login for ESS ?

Ans: Open Smart Office applicatoin >Go to Employess > edit > type login name & password

Ques: How to assign manager for ESS employee ?

Ans: Open Smart Office applicatoin >Go to Employess > Select Employee > Assign Reporting manager > select the manager > assign

Ques: How to receive notification from ESS employee while applying OD/Leave ?

Ans: Open Smart Office applicatoin >Go to Employess > edit > Checked Receive Notification & same like for manager also

Ques: How to Apply Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS portal >Leave entries > apply Leave >Select leave type/status/session > from date & To date >select reporting manager >type remark >sumit

Ques: How to Apply 1/2 day Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS portal >Leave entries > apply Leave >Select leave type/status- 1/2 day/session > from date & To date >select reporting manager >type remark >sumit

Ques: How to Apply first session Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS portal >Leave entries > apply Leave >Select leave type/status/session- first session > from date & To date >select reporting manager >type remark >sumit

Ques: How to Apply last session Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS portal >Leave entries > apply Leave >Select leave type/status/session- last session > from date & To date >select reporting manager >type remark >sumit

Ques: How to Approve Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS from manager login >Manager details >Employee leave entries >Filter the leave record >edit >cheked approved check box >sumit

Ques: How to Approve 1/2 day Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS from manager login >Manager details >Employee leave entries >Filter the leave record >edit >cheked approved check box >select 1/2 day >update

Ques: How to Apply first session Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS from manager login >Manager details >Employee leave entries >Filter the leave record >edit >cheked approved check box >select session >update

Ques: How to Apply last session Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS from manager login >Manager details >Employee leave entries >Filter the leave record >edit >cheked approved check box >select session >update

Ques: How to declined Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS from manager login >Manager details >Employee leave entries >Filter the leave record >edit >Uncheked approved check box >update

Ques: How to declined 1/2 day Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS from manager login >Manager details >Employee leave entries >Filter the leave record >edit >Uncheked approved check box >update

Ques: How to declined first session Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS from manager login >Manager details >Employee leave entries >Filter the leave record >edit >Uncheked approved check box >update

Ques: How to declined last session Leave from ESS portal ?

Ans: Login in ESS from manager login >Manager details >Employee leave entries >Filter the leave record >edit >Uncheked approved check box >update

Ques: How Emplyee can check own leave entries ?

Ans: Login in ESS from Employee login >Leave entries >Employee leave entries > filter the records

Ques: How manager can check employees leave entries ?

Ans: Login in ESS from manager login >Manager details >Employee leave entries >Filter the leave record

Ques: How employee can check leave balance from ESS

Ans: Login in ESS from Employee login >Leave entries >Employee leave summary >check the balance

Ques: How employee can check leave summary from ESS

Ans: Login in ESS from Employee login >Leave entries >Employee leave summary >check the balance

Ques: How employee can check PL/EL/CL balance from ESS

Ans: Login in ESS from Employee login >Leave entries >Employee leave summary >check the balance

Ques: What is employee leave credit history ?

Ans: We can check the monthly credit leave balance using this optoin

Ques: What is Employee Self Service?

Ans: It is software application for employees, by login into this, they can apply for leaves, comp off's, they can view their attendance records.

Ques: run time error by login into ess

Ans: Database Configuration issue

Ques: Why do we get 'Configuration error' while browsing ESS?

Ans: Download and install Report viewer for smart office-> do reset IIS.

Ques: exceute scalar requires open and available connection error while login ess

Ans: Do and save database setting properly

Ques: error occure during login in mobile phone

Ans: check the port is open or not on

Ques: How to give department access?

Ans: Open eTimetracklite web application, Masters -- Employees -- select employee -- click on Edit -- Select Updat Login details and department access -- Shift Departments to right and update

Ques: Unable to login or do database setting after browsing ess.

Ans: Check whether IIS has installed properly or not---In advance setting check aplication pool--it must be V4.0 Classic----if all the settings are proper then Replace the application

Ques: error occur during open attendance details in ess---begin time and end time error

Ans: 1)check the database setting 2)Replace the folder of ess 3)iisreset

Ques: Compilation error in ess

Ans: Clear the cache memory and refers than reset the iis .

Ques: Can we get mail,when any employee apply leave or leave is approved?If yes,then how to configure it

Ans: YES,we can get,Mail configurations needs to be done,and while editing employee( is receive notifications) must be checked

Ques: Clock in/Clock out is not showing in the reports?

Ans: First Assign the reporting manager to the employee -> approve all the punches -> check

Ques: Data is not showing in Attendance Details ?

Ans: If Old application Replace with new and Recalculate the Attendance of Employee

Ques: Why do we get error '' while generating GPS report?

Ans: Update ESS Android App

Ques: error occur during login the webpage:Is mark android web attendance

Ans: Go to main software i.e. SmartofficeWeb(because the database is same for ess and smartofficeweb)---edit the employee---check-mark on Is mark android web attendance---then login to ess

Ques: when we migrate the etimetrack lite data base it's not showing any status

Ans: Compact & repair the database and give full permissions to smartofficesuite folder, then migrate it.

Ques: How to download logs from pendrive?

Ans: Utilities --> Import device logs --> select the device -->browse for the path & then click on Import.

Ques: How to create Parallel database?

Ans: First we have to create a table in SQL database. Login in sql database--> database -->smart office -->tables-->create one new table(give the status values(ex:emp name,emp code etc.,)) & then save it. In smart office apllication, Utilities-->Parallel database export--> fill the required fields, click on test connection and then save it.

Ques: While importing the att logs via USB, what all informations will be downloaded to the software?

Ans: Att logs, user info without template

Ques: What is the concept of 'Create file as per last download'?

Ans: A new files will be created as per the scheduled time & format, it will consider the last download date & time.

Ques: What is the Use of Parallel Database Option in smart office ? application ?

Ans: Export data to third party DB

Ques: What is the use of 'Reseverd field' in parallel database?

Ans: same to same value will be reflect in prallel db

Ques: How to Export Employee Details in software?

Ans: Utilities---> Export Employee Details

Ques: How to Import Employee Details in software?

Ans: Utilities---> Import Employee Details---> Select Path--->Import

Ques: How to Export Employee other Details in software?

Ans: Utilities---> Export Employee other Details

Ques: How to Import Employee Other Details in software?

Ans: Utilities ---> Import Employee Other Details---> Select Path--->Import

Ques: error occured during import employee details?

Ans: remove the special characters present in excel sheet

Ques: how to check the data from parallel database table?

Ans: check the table name in parallel database export.then open the database---expand the database---open table--right click and select 1000 rows ---check the data---give the command (order by LogDate desc) Check the data

Ques: Data not dumped in Parallel table

Ans: Delete table from Device log-> Trigger Query-> Download Logs From Beginning-> check tables

Ques: Why data is not dump using parallel data in third party Spine database?

Ans: first check in sql database is there any trigger or not, if yes then remove it-> restart the 'NonPushDataCollectorServices' and download the logs again if software is desktop based-> check data in Spine table.

Ques: How to import encrypted dat file in the software

Ans: Go to utilities-> Import device Logs-> select device-> Browse encrypted dat file-> check mark on "encrypted file"-> Import.

Ques: Not showing logs even after importing logs using usb

Ans: First add device as usb (utilities--devices--add new) and after that import logs and check

Ques: How to assign leaves to employees in software?

Ans: masters -> employee leave entry -> assign employee leave entry

Ques: What is the use of ? ' Increase leave by ...... When ...... Month of employment Completed' ? in Leave types?

Ans: after complete employment month from DOJ the leave will be increased according to monthly/quarterly/half/yearly

Ques: How to import Bulk Leave entries?

Ans: Utilities > Import employee leave entries >select file >import

Ques: How to import Bulk Leave balance?

Ans: Utilities-import employee leave balance

Ques: What are the types of leave allotments?

Ans: monthly ,yearly ,half yearly,quarterly

Ques: How to allot leaves according to employee category?

Ans: Master > leave types >allot by category>select the category>mentions the leave limit

Ques: How to set Restricted Holidays for employees in Desktop application ?

Ans: 1st select restricted holiday in master setting then create holiday as restricted > employee restricted holiday>select the restricted holiday >select the employees >assigne restricted holiday

Ques: Can we select 'Restricted Holiday' and 'Holiday Group' at a time

Ans: No

Ques: Can we apply two different leaves for a single day?

Ans: No

Ques: Difference between leave balance & leaves allowed?

Ans: Leave Balance- predefined number of leaves assigned to the leave type , Leave allowed - Leaves can be customized and assigned to the user/employee

Ques: How to add same public holiday for two different company?

Ans: Master-Public holiday-add holiday-select the company-select date & save

Ques: Employee restricted Holiday type is hidden in leave management? Why

Ans: Master-master settings, holoday group is selected

Ques: How to assign Different type of leaves to different department's Employees:

Ans: First create Leave type (master--> Leave types--. Add), after that go to master--> Employee leave entry, select assign employee leave entries and then assign the leave)

Ques: How to increase the number of leaves?

Ans: Master --> Leave types -->select particular leave type --> edit the number & update it.

Ques: How to apply LWP for employee?

Ans: Master-> Leave Type-> Edit LWP-> put value in Early limit-> save-> apply LWP leave entry

Ques: How to carry forward leave in smart office desktop?

Ans: Utilities< Employee Annual leave Accural < select emplyee and leave type < carry forward

Ques: Why we are not getting required options in updated version 8.0?

Ans: Go to master-> Master setting-> advanced Setting-> click on option which you require-> save-> Logoff-> Login again.

Ques: If Yearly report option is not showing in report option.

Ans: Masters->master setting->advance setting->check mark the option ->save

Ques: How to add System user & how to give access to only some options?

Ans: Go to admin --> system user --> add new --> give name & checkmark options which you want to give access & update.

Ques: How to take ms-access database backup ?

Ans: Utilities-backup and clear log records=choose path = export

Ques: How to configure Mail settings in Smart Office?

Ans: Admin --> Mail settings --> enter the details, click on send test mail & then save it.

Ques: what is the use of 'Visible to all' while adding company?

Ans: when check that option it will visible to all users if you uncheck it will not visible the company in the list.

Ques: what is the use of 'Quarter Day Leave Duration' in master settings?

Ans: When we are seting the duration in quarter day leave duration, the software will conside what all the duration we have mention for quarterday

Ques: What is the use of option 'Out Door entry can be applied before' in Master settings?

Ans: Out door entry can be assigned before what date it means

Ques: What is the Use ? of ? 'Minimum Difference between two punches option' ?

Ans: if you will fill the value like 5 mins , within time if more then one punch is there then it will considared one punch

Ques: What is the default user name in the software?

Ans: smart

Ques: What is the default password in the software?

Ans: smart

Ques: How to add designation for the employees in software?

Ans: Go to masters -> employees -> select the employee -> right click -> update designation

Ques: Difference between'Previous day shift' & 'Auto shift'?

Ans: When previous day shift is selected it will automaticaly consider the shift which he has worked privious day and autoshift will automatical consider the shift according to near by first punch

Ques: Difference between 'Collect & Export Device logs' and 'Collect & Export Attendance Logs' in task manager?

Ans: Raw Logs from the device, after recalculation att logs will be exported

Ques: What is the use of 'attendance Lock on' in master settings?

Ans: attendance starts date in a month

Ques: What is the purpose of mail setting in smart office software?

Ans: genrate memo manually - absent emp, early going&late coming ,missed out punch , for EES portel

Ques: How to take auto backup of the MS access database?

Ans: master--->master settings--->autobackup

Ques: When the ? Options related to shifts, shift roster, employee shift, department shifts will be disabled?

Ans: master-master settings- fixed shift option checked

Ques: Which database is attached to the software by default?

Ans: Ms Access

Ques: How many users can be added in software-free version?

Ans: No limit

Ques: How many devices can be added in software-free version?

Ans: No limit

Ques: Which are the supporting databases of application?

Ans: ms access, ms sql, oracle

Ques: Does smart office suit application supports Ms sql 2005?

Ans: Yes

Ques: How to Create System Users in software?

Ans: Admin--->System Users--->Add New System User

Ques: How to Set Mail Settings in software ?

Ans: Admin--->Mail Settings

Ques: How to Change Application Password ?

Ans: Admin--->Change Password

Ques: How to log off from software?

Ans: Admin---> log off

Ques: How to add License Key in software?

Ans: Help--->About us --->Edit License Key

Ques: How to Check Activation Code in software?

Ans: Help--->About us ---> Activation Code

Ques: How to assign different category for employees in software?

Ans: go to masters -> employees -> select the employee -> right click -> update category

Ques: How to add company in software?

Ans: Masters--->company--->add new

Ques: How to add department in software?

Ans: masters -> department -> add new

Ques: could not find part of database path

Ans: master-> master setting-> auto backup-> check path and give permission

Ques: Can we take auto backup of SQL database?

Ans: No, if you want to take auto backup then you need to use SQL standard or SQL enterprise instead of SQL express.

Ques: Why are we not getting report in sequence as employee id?

Ans: Keep same company for all employees.

Ques: reports are not generating properly.

Ans: Check all the settings like MAster setting, shift, category OR compact and repair the database OR assign employees shift OR Attach blank database and check

Ques: Not showing in out punches in software

Ans: utilities--devices--download logs and check

Ques: In monthy report Over time not calculated properly

Ans: Check whether punch end after is given properly for that shift and put proper OT formula

Ques: Require total duration in hours

Ans: reports---monthly detailed work duration report---total duration

Ques: Required reports in vertical format not in horizontal format

Ans: You can use customization reports in that select the required columns and select Employees type in Group 1 and then generate reports and check.

Ques: Can we get the holidays count and weekly off count added in present days in reports

Ans: You can get such reports in monthly summary reports

Ques: When the utilities and report options are grayed out in software?

Ans: License key issue & Number of users may be exceeded more than the default value

Ques: How to generate the reports in software?

Ans: reports -> daily attendance report -> select any report -> generate

Ques: Why the options 'attendance logs' & 'Attendance register' is used?

Ans: we can check in/out time , duration ,OT, total duration and register €“ only status like ; P/A/WO/WOP/H/HP

Ques: What is the use of 'customised report'?

Ans: according to group by , header text we can generate attendance report with different format

Ques: What is the use of export to excel-> 'customise device logs report'?

Ans: row data we can export to perticular formate

Ques: What is the use of 'Detail status Report' in ? application?

Ans: This report is generated in order to check why the status is given as present, absent , week off etc etc

Ques: what is the use of random check report ? ?

Ans: according to particular time and direction we can check reports.

Ques: what is the use of Continuous Abnormality Report ?

Ans: No of continuous Absent/Late coming/early going day' report we can check .

Ques: Where can we ? generate Resigned and working employees report in smart office ? application ?

Ans: Reports - employees detrails report - working or resigned

Ques: What are the status reports which can be sent through 'Generate Memo'?

Ans: Absent, late coming/early going, Missed out punch, Half day

Ques: In which and all reports, 'Remarks' ? is reflected in Desktop application?

Ans: Daily reports- basic, summary, present, asent, early by, Late by, summary report single page

Ques: Where to add remarks for employees through desktop application?

Ans: Masters-employee attendance log- select employee - update remarks

Ques: Department wise reports should be sent automatically to department Head at scheduled time, how do I achieve it?

Ans: Assign the reporting manager to perticular employees, In Auto mailer settings, change status as True

Ques: While generating a single employee report, I am getting error no logs exists?

Ans: Date of joing, multi shift, employee is not there, no logs

Ques: can it be possible to change the header,eg-employee=student?

Ans: Yes, we can change the header. Utilities--> Custom header text, change the name ,save & again login to the software.

Ques: Can we generate Break hours report in Software?

Ans: No, we cannot generate break hour reports

Ques: How to generate customize reports in Smart Office?

Ans: Reports --> customize reports --> select the report values whatever you want and then generate the report.

Ques: In reports, why it is showing Weekly Off as Absent

Ans: Go to Master --> Category --> uncheck mark weekly off and Holiday absent if Prefix & suffix day is absent.

Ques: How to generate selected multiple employees report in desktop application?

Ans: While generating reports, select multiple employees next to recalculate option, & then click generate

Ques: Why the reports are not generating properly?

Ans: Go to Master--> Category-->check mark early coming punch and late going punch. And, in shifts give punch begin before & punch end after. Recalculate the Attendance & then generate.

Ques: If a user make In punch in device 'A' and makes out punch in device 'B'. Then is it possible to generate In/Out report from two other devices?

Ans: Yes, through anti pass back option, we can do. Connect the 2 devices in back to back, Set the wiegand option in device.

Ques: How to show the attendance status as WOP/HOP when an employee is present on weekly off/holiday?

Ans: Goto Masters --> Category --> Uncheck Consider weekly off present and holiday present in OT.

Ques: Report Viewer error while genrating the report

Ans: Install Report viewer --> Restart IIS --> Generate the report

Ques: Why reports are not generating of night shift?

Ans: create proper groups of shifts

Ques: When Employee miss his out punch / For single punch , it should not take system entry and must mark absent

Ans: Go to Master --> Category --> select no system entry+absent in 'For single punch mark out punch as'.

Ques: In daily attendance reports, out punch is not showing

Ans: Master --> Category --> select consider late going punch

Ques: How to change the Header text in application?

Ans: Utilities--> Custom Header Text-->change the text-->save. Log off & re login into application.

Ques: How to generate in/out reports

Ans: go to reports-daily attendance report-detailed report-report type-select in/out report-generate

Ques: unhandled error while generating daily detailed emp wise report

Ans: Change the rdlc report file

Ques: Can we get reports with the word M.E. with time when we add Manual Entry?

Ans: No because this feature is not available in updated software. You can see in Log records only.

Ques: Can we generate device wise report?

Ans: Only row punches you can get in device wise report

Ques: What is maximum days allowed to generate in reports ?

Ans: 31

Ques: showing absent in reports?

Ans: no proper punch in software, employees who has punched their report is coming proper

Ques: Wants employee wise detailed reports in application

Ans: Replace file in report folder

Ques: Out punch is not showing in the report?

Ans: Check the device direction in the devices it should be alternate in/out direction.

Ques: why do we get out time as in time in reports?

Ans: First check punch begin before and punch end after in all shifts. Assign a fixed shift if employee work in single shift else assign a group if employee work in more than one shift.

Ques: Can we get date of joining field in report?

Ans: reports-> customize report->select the field

Ques: Employee wise report?

Ans: Report > daily detailed > select group by as a employee wise

Ques: We get proper report when filter employee but get improper report when we generate all employee's report together, Why is it so?

Ans: Update new version of software

Ques: Reports are not generated properly

Ans: Shift Setting and Category setting and recalculate attendance

Ques: Where we get the total duration in report?

Ans: Report---Monthly attendance report---detailed report----generate

Ques: Why we are not getting proper report with late mark setting?

Ans: Check punch begin before and punch end after in shifts, check late mark setting whether it is proper or not, make sure both in and out punch in report.

Ques: Need to assign Multi shifts to the Employees.

Ans: Masters-->Multi shift--> add the multi shifts. Masters--> Employees-->Shift type--> Multiple shifts in a day.

Ques: while creating the shift getting the error as punch begin before should be greater than punch begin before

Ans: assign the punch begin before and punch end after value.

Ques: Not showing total duration even there is proper In&OUT time in report

Ans: Check wheather shift,category setting is proper or not. If you have created Flexible shift then in category select "flexible shift type" as your "Flexible shift name"--recalculate attendance and check

Ques: getting error while generating shift

Ans: while generating shift fill all the details properly

Ques: Improper duration in monthly report

Ans: Check the shifts and add punch begin duration and punch end after duration.

Ques: While using Flexible shift reports are not coming replaced ?

Ans: new exe installed and reports are coming properly now

Ques: Getting DB null error while recalculating Attendance and editing shift details

Ans: Again Create Proper shifts and recalculate Attendance And Generate Reports

Ques: Why do we get report in which shows blank in and out time?

Ans: Check punch begin before and punch end after time in shifts.

Ques: Why do we get report in which shows blank in and out time?

Ans: Shift Setting and Category setting and recalculate attendance

Ques: Why do we get report in which shows blank in and out time?

Ans: Check punch begin before and punch end after time in shifts.

Ques: While deleting shifts in software it is showing as error

Ans: Go to employee shifts option and delete the assigned shifts to the employees

Ques: How to mark half day if employee reports after defined time?

Ans: Goto Master->Shift->edit Shift->check "Mark Half Day when Report to office after" then set your time and update

Ques: we are having 8,9 hours work duration employees but no one does not when they will come office once employees from that time on wards time should calculate once the work duration is limit is reached then remaining should be come in OT only

Ans: created the two flexible shifts and create the two categories assign flexible shifts in those categories and set the flexible OT formula then generate the report it's working

Ques: Why we are using the Flexible shift?

Ans: It is used to generate reports for Employees who are working for 24 hours

Ques: How to create Multi Shift ? in Smart Office?

Ans: Go to Master --> Multishift, create multishifts. You can assign multishift Employee wise or Department wise. Multishift reports will be generated here only.

Ques: In Master, why Shifts option is hidden?

Ans: Go to Master -->Master settings --> uncheck mark 'Is Fixed shift option' , and then Update it.

Ques: First priority is given to which shift types?

Ans: roaster

Ques: Which OT formulae can be assigned for flexi shift?

Ans: Total work Duration-Shift duration(For flexi shift only)

Ques: How many partial days can be enabled in a single shift?

Ans: 2

Ques: What are the types of multishifts we can assign?

Ans: multi shift group, employee multi shift, department multishift

Ques: In a day, how many multi-shifts can be assigned?

Ans: 9

Ques: What is the maximum Minutes, we can assign in flexible shift duration?

Ans: 1438 min

Ques: When we create 24hr shift, what is the mandatory field?

Ans: Punch end after min

Ques: What do you mean by 'Mark half day when report to office after' ---- minutes'?

Ans: after this mins the emp will punched , it will considared half day status on that day .

Ques: How to assign auto shifts to employees in software?

Ans: go to masters -> master setting -> when no shift is assigned consider auto shift

Ques: How to create shifts in software?

Ans: masters--->shifts--->add

Ques: Difference Between Department shift and Employee Shift in smart office Desktop application ?

Ans: Depatment shift we assign shift according to perticular department and employee shift according to perticular employee

Ques: Diffrence between shift Group & ? Shift Roster ?

Ans: shift group is where multipel shift are added to a single group and assigned to employees and shift rosted is where weekly and monthaly rosted is created

Ques: How to Assign Employee Shift in software?

Ans: Master--->Employee Shift--->Select Employees--->Select shift---> Assign Employee Shift

Ques: how to assign break duration?

Ans: Go to masters--shifts--edit your shift--select break 1 and put your break time--update

Ques: hide Shift detail

Ans: Go to to master->master settings->remove check mark from Is Fixed Shift then re-log in software.

Ques: Want to create flexible shift

Ans: Master--shift details--select shift type as flexible and then create a shift

Ques: What is the use of Specifying ? timings in the SMS Service?

Ans: SMS will be shooted at that particular time only

Ques: SMS will be shooted automatically from ?

Ans: SMS Service

Ques: How to check wether the URL is working or not in SMS service?

Ans: Copy the URL to browser, you will get the status

Ques: What all Tasks you can assign in the SMS Service?

Ans: Timing for First IN, Last OUT, ALL IN/OUT,Present,Absent,exclude days

Ques: Exclude SMS' in SMS service indicates for?

Ans: if u don€™t want want sms in perticuar day , u can add the day in this option

Ques: What is the use of 'send test SMS' option in the SMS settings dialog box?

Ans: to test the sms settings wether it is configered properly or not

Ques: Is it possible to keep a track record of all the SMS sent and check them later in the software?

Ans: Yes

Ques: Mention the types of variables in SMS Settings?

Ans: First In, Last Out, No Punches, Present Absent, All In Out

Ques: How can we send SMS Manually for 'First In punch'?

Ans: Master-employee manual SMS-select employee, select First In check box & send

Ques: What are the mandatory fields in SMS settings 'URL'?

Ans: Mobile number, Message text, User name, password, sender Id

Ques: How to send the notification (other than the variables) to employees through SMS?

Ans: Master-employee smanual SMS-type approve text -select employee & send

Ques: Can we block the SMS for a particular day?

Ans: Yes

Ques: How many numbers of sms can be shooted to a single mobile number?

Ans: N Number

Ques: What are the options which cannot be performed through SMS Service manager?

Ans: Missed OUT Punch

Ques: After approval of SMS template for 'employee name' and 'Employee code' but still it is not reflecting in SMS

Ans: The variables are not set properly $$Employee name & code$$'

Ques: SMS is not being shoot? What are the necessary steps need to be check?

Ans: Check the Link, SMS package, mobile no., service, internet

Ques: How to make SMS settings?

Ans: Masters --> Text SMS settings --> type the URL in Dialogue box, select the status which you want to send, and then right click on the text box, select add variable. Click on send test SMS, then click on save.

Ques: while opening the SMS service, the error 'application has failed to start because side by side configuration is incorrect' has occured.

Ans: Replace the latest files in the virtual folder of smart office application, then login into application.